Sequencing Batch Reactors SBR

BIC – Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) is an environmental technology leader specializing in the design and supply of domestic and industrial wastewater treatment plants. Activated sludge is the most widely used biological wastewater treatment process in the developed world, treating both sewage and variety of industrial wastewater. The Sequencing Batch Reactor is a reliable biological treatment for waste water discharge. This is ideal wastewater treatment for hotels, office buildings, small towns, hospitals, convention centers, industrial facilities and housing developments. The SBR package includes all process equipment components; including pretreatment, disinfection, tertiary treatment, effluent recycling in a coated steel tank or in concrete basins built locally. The scope of supply shall include the following main equipment and accessories:

Pretreatment screen Aeration blowers Aeration diffusers assemblies

Decanter System with automatic valve for treated effluent discharge Sludge disposal system Chlorination Feed System PLC based control panel with touch screen panel view Tertiary Filtration System (Optional) Membrane process heated secondary waste recycling

(Optional) Operating Manuals


Lower cost than conventional biological treatment methods. Less land requirement versus conventional methods. The processes are carried out sequentially in the same tank.

Capable of handling wide swings in hydraulic and organic loading.

Easier to control filamentous growth and settling problems.

Less equipment to maintain. Require only air blower, and air diffuser assemblies and decanting device.

Fully automatic operation for less operator attention required.

Greater operator flexibility. PLC control with touch screen panel view operation adjustment.