Seawater Desalination Plants

BIC SW Series Reverse Osmosis Systems are designed using the high quality selected components. The Reverse Osmosis unit can be built based on the customer’s requirements especially where space is limited. A containerized seawater Reverse Osmosis unit can be built where easy site installation and mobilization of equipment is required. The seawater Reverse Osmosis system is built with an Energy recovery device, since the energy is the largest cost of operating a desalination plant. The pressure exchanger ceramic pump takes energy from the high pressure brine and recycle it to the incoming seawater at over 95% efficiency, which reduces the energy requirements to less than 50%. BIC standard seawater Reverse Osmosis ranges from 100 cubic meter per day (264,420 Gallons per day) to 2,000 cubic meter per day (528,000 Gallons per day). Custom design systems are also available and can be supplied with filtration systems, pre & post treatment chemical feed systems and membranes cleaning system to meet your specific plant requirements. At BIC, we provide an engineering innovations, creativity and expertise to help you select the right equipment and engineering design for your specific needs.

Standard Features

Duplex Stainless Steel Positive displacement type high pressure pump for model upto 500 cubic meter per day

Duplex Stainless Steel Horizontal multi-stage centrifugal pump for larger models

Duplex Stainless Steel centrifugal Pressure Exchanger Booster pump with inlet pressure up to 1200PSI

904L or Duplex Stainless Steel In-line vertical centrifugal PX booster pumps for inlet upto 1200PSI for larger models

1000PSI multi-side ports design FRP pressure vessels to reduce the manufacturing of high pressure piping.

400 sq. ft. high rejection thin film composite seawater Reverse Osmosis membranes

Pressure Exchanger (PX) to greatly increase the efficiency of the unit by harnessing the energy of the reject brine

System Interlocks for Pre and Post chemical feed systems, raw water and backwash pumps, multimedia filters, raw and product water tank levels

Variable Frequency drive (VFD) to run the PX Booster pumps and RO high pressure pumps

NEMA 4X PLC based electrical control panel with Man Machine Interface (MMI) panel view

Plastic Construction Five Micron Filter Automatic inlet shut-off valve Reject by pass fine tuning valve Auto flush valve Auto 3-way automatic diverter valves to drain the high conductivity product

Sample valves for each pressure vessel product Cartridge filter inlet and outlet liquid filled pressure gauges

Membrane feed, reject and product liquid filled pressure gauges

Membrane feed pressure transmitter High pressure pump low and high pressure switch PX Booster feed pump, product and reject flow indications RO permeate conductivity meter Powder coated steel skid 316L S.S. High pressure & PVC Low pressure piping Available Options

Pretreatment and Post treatment Chemical Feed systems Manual or automatic Multimedia filter Manual or automatic Activated Carbon Filter Raw water and filter backwash feed pumps RO Membrane cleaning system RO plant fresh water flush system Choices of Energy recovery systems (Energy Recovery Turbo Charger or Pelton Wheel)

Duplex Stainless Steel, 904L SS, or equal High Alloy High pressure piping Feed and product pH indicator Feed ORP indicator Feed conductivity indicator Feed water TDS of more than 36,000 PPM