Mobile Wastewater Treatment Systems


Trailer 24-Foot, extended height, 48” side door

Treatment Capacity 8 to 20 Gallons per minute

Pre-Treatment Clarifier O3C Series – O3C300 Ozonation Clarifier 300 gal. 3.9g hr Corona Discharge Ozonation w/Oxygen Concentrator and Venturi Injection * pHM – pH & ORP monitoring and adjustment * OS – Oil Skimmer

Treatment Skid Continuous Flow Floc Skid 8 to 20gpm Stainless Steel Mix Chamber (3 Stage) Variable Speed mixers and Filter Table Stainless Steel Floc Augur

Post-Treatment PFTS Series – Post Flocculation Treatment Skid * Organo-Clay Pod (100lb capacity) * Activated Carbon Pod (100lb capacity) 50 to 100 gal. Storage tank w/maintenance ozanation Bypass valves and interchangeable pods

Electrical: 110 v, 20A & 30A (2 Circuits) * Diesel or Gas Powered Generator