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Wastewater Evaporators – Stainless Steel

Electric , Gas or Propane , Steam

Our natural gas, propane and steam powered wastewater evaporators contain an innovative vertical water tube heat exchanger with internal flue gas passages engineered for high performance and efficiency.

They have an exceptionally large surface area designed for maximum heat transfer, reliable operation and outstanding product life. The water tubes are accessible from the top for easy inspection and cleaning.

Water Evaporation Pre – Filters available.

Water Treatment Systems

Solar Powered Transportable Water Treatment System to Produce Safe Potable Drinking Water from Rivers , Lakes , Ponds , and Wells.

Systems for Industrial, Commercial, and Residential. Control Scale Deposits, Corrosion, Bacteria, Algae, and Colloids.

Ultraviolet Disinfection UV Activated Carbon Filtration Sediment Filter Ozone Units KDF Media

Mobile High Solids Centrifuges for Sludge Dewatering

Brackish Water Treatment Systems

Ozone Treatment Systems for Water and Wastewater

Commercial – Reverse Osmosis RO Units

Package Wastewater Treatment Plants

Floating Lagoon and Pond Covers

Liners for Ponds and Lagoons

Sewage Package Pumping Lift Stations

Self Cleaning Bar Screens – Municipal Sewage Screen

Aeration Systems for Wastewater Treatment Ponds & Lagoons

Municipal and Industrial Equipment for Wastewater Treatment Plants

Pulp and Paper Equipment Sales and Service

Liquids – Solids Separation Processes for sale

Ion Exchange Systems

Sequencing Batch Reactors (SBR)

Reverse Osmosis systems

Nanofiltration systems

Ultrafiltration systems

Membrane Bioreactors

Filtration systems

Disinfection systems

Chemical feed systems

Two Pass Reverse Osmosis

Dissolved Air Flotation DAF Clarifiers made of Stainless Steel 304 or 316

Sandfloats and Spray Filters

Water Purification Systems

Belt Presses for Dewatering Municipal and Industrial Sludge

Rotary Drum Concentrators

Gravity Belt Thickeners

Belt Filter Presses for Sludge Thickening

Material Handling Equipment

Pulp Feed Conveyors and Ancillaries

Parts and Service for Lamb-Grays

Industrial Pressure Gauges

Industrial Thermometers

Mobile Belt Press

Stationary Belt Press